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About An Alternative Life Farm

An Alternative Life Farm is a working farm, producing a wide range of fruits, nuts, vegetables, herbs and herbal teas. We are also a learning center and social enterprise dedicated to the development of sustainable, resilient food systems, and the improvement of the health and well-being of our environment and our community.

Our vision is that everyone have access to locally grown, affordable, nutrient-rich food or the skills, knowledge and resources to grow their own, both now and in the future.
We are passionate about sharing our knowledge on self-sufficiency, sustainable living and climate resilience. We empower our clients by providing a wide range of practical skills and strategies that improve personal self-reliance and resilience.

Since starting An Alternative Life Farm in 2012, we have developed a diverse range of growing systems including, 2 separate orchards containing over 300 fruit and nut-producing trees, an off-grid aquaponics system, undercover and raised vegetable gardens, food gardens with berries, herbs, fruiting vines and perennial shrubs, natural water filtration systems and much more. This give our clients unique access to a diverse range of systems that they can replicate in their own gardens, regardless of location or size.

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Why Choose Us

An Alternative Life Farm

Passionate & Professional

We are passionate about helping people achieve a greater level of personal food security by sharing the knowledge and skills needed to grow food. We deliver our services to the highest professional standards.

Experience & Expertise

We have specific expertise in Food Security and Rural Sustainable Development and more than 20 years combined practical experience developing a climate resilient sustainable food system on our own farm.

Innovative & Inspiring

We use innovative techniques to develop food systems that are low input, low waste and utilise primarily recycled materials. We inspire our clients and show them how to use their imagination, think outside the square and develop incredibly productive gardens for little cost.

Sowing the seeds of a sustainable future


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