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Sustainable and Resilient Food Production

The focus of our farm is growing food in a way that genuinely maintains and protects the entire food web systems, this ensures that land will be able to produce food now and be able to meet the needs of future generations.

We do this by using a range of methods and techniques drawn from our professional knowledge in rural sustainable development, our studies of alternative farming methods including permaculture, biodynamics, regenerative and low input farming and our practical experience in developing our own self sufficiency farm over the last 10 years.

Combining our knowledge and experience allows us to design and develop food systems that are genuinely sustainable and resilient to extreme weather conditions. Our farm is a living example of our specific expertise in the design, planning and implementation of climate resilient food gardens and small-scale food production systems.

We protect and maintain more than 60% of our land for wildlife and native bush habitat, the health of our food system is dependant on the health of the natural world, increasing biodiversity is one of our primary goals.
The health of our food systems is intrinsically linked to health of our local native environment and the benefits for the farm are invaluable, the services provided in pollination and pest control by insect eating birds, mammals and reptiles means that we can grow healthy produce without the use of any chemicals.

The benefits work both ways, the farm is a safe haven for several endangered species of mammals, reptiles, threatened woodland birds and rare native plants.


We believe that the skills and knowledge to grow your own food should be available to everyone. Those struggling to meet their personal food needs do not have the excess income to spend on food growing workshops. To ensure that those most in need have access to our classes we sponsor local people in need to undertake our workshops for free. On completion of the course we provide these students with the seeds, trees and basic tools, so as they can get started down the garden path to growing their own food. To date we have contributed more than $25k in workshops and resources to families struggling to meet their food needs.

Sowing the seeds of a sustainable future


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