Debbie Hunt

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Debbie Hunt

Debbie Hunt

B SocSc, Education Coordinator & Facilitator
Post graduate qualifications, MSCD - Food Security and Rural Sustainable Development

Debbie has always been passionate about social and environmental justice as well as climate change resilience and adaptation, having worked for several years for an international development agency Debbie had the benefit of learning how well-designed sustainable and resilient food systems were having for food security for people around the world, so in 2012 started planning and building a food system that would be resilient to Australia’s unique climatic conditions.

Debbie also worked in community engagement on threatened species, during which time she had the opportunity to learn a range of best practice land management techniques including invasive weeds management, regenerative farming as well as a range of Aboriginal land management techniques such as mosaic burning practices. During this time Debbie’s interest and understanding of Australian native ecosystems, native animals, plants, insects and mycology grew, Debbie is a passionate photographer of everything that lives on the farm from the unusual insects to the beautiful native orchids with the aim of recording increased in biodiversity on the farm over time.

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Debbie's Expertise

Expertise in climate change and resilient food systems 100%
20 years experience workshop delivery and facilitation 100%

Sowing the seeds of a sustainable future


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