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Grace O'Reilly Recommends An Alternative Life Farm 15 June 2021

Incredible philosophy which we should all be moving towards! Thank you for the hospitality on your beautiful property and sharing your story Debbie and Kieron. We had a lovely weekend and came home inspired.

Marion Hodge Recommends An Alternative Life Farm 4 November 2020

I had a great time, the owners are lovely people with so much experience and information, the 3 course meal was also great and I did learn a lot I’m definitely going back, well done guys 👍

Renata Be Recommends An Alternative Life Farm 10 August 2020

An amazing source of self sustainable knowledge. Debbies food is delicious and my family learnt so much from the talks . I was thrilled to see my kids enjoying fresh vegetables that taste nothing like the shops.

    Simon Jankelson Recommends An Alternative Life Farm 8 June 2020

    Thank you to Debbie and Kieran's for an inspiring and informative 2 day workshop experience where I got to "Learn to Grow Your Own Food". What I found most useful from the workshop was really an appreciation for "the birds and the bees". Literally before this workshop as a city slicker, I did not know how pollination works and why birds are important and not only do I feel more confident in growing my own food I also now understand some important foundations of the wonderous mechanics behind how the eco system works. Apart from being more confident to grow my own food now, and appreciating the beauty of nature, I also got to enjoy two days of endless cups of tea, great lunch and dinners, fires and wonderful hospitality. Debbie and Kieran were both super caring and attentive and kind. Thank you both so much for helping me to get to the next level.

    Sandy Hauraki Recommends An Alternative Life Farm 5 December 2019

    Debbie and Kieron know their stuff. They are willing to share their knowledge and their trials to help create a better world. Love their chickens. I liked that they are encouraging the native aspect while producing heirloom plant and animal product. In fact making do with what their patch of ground can give to them rather than trying to change it into something else. Well done guys. You have worked really hard. Looking forward to seeing the next phase.

    Kelly Eliza Recommends An Alternative Life Farm 12 January 2019

    I was really impressed with what Deb and Kieran have done at their farm near Bungonia when I visited with friends Marieke & Edme just before Christmas. It was delightful to walk around the bushland they have painstakingly and lovingly regenerated and learn about how they are moving towards self sufficiency and sustainability, through for example growing food, harvesting fruit, keeping and selling all manner of chicken varieties. I am excited to hear about their future plans, especially to share this with the wider community through the establishment of An Alternative Life Learning Centre on their property and the new house they are building. I would encourage anyone with interest or curiosity in alternative living to contact Deb or Kieran - they are very approachable and filled with knowledge and inspiration.

      Mark Jennie Croker Recommends An Alternative Life Farm 24 February 2019

      The last two days was so interesting, informative and just so much fun Learning about growing food and sustainability. Can’t wait for next month! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and genuinely helping people make a difference in their lives and their families. If you are looking at growing food for yourself I would highly recommend going to a class!

      Bob Philipson Recommends An Alternative Life Farm 3 April 2019

      Following a visit to Debbie and Kieran's Sustainable Learning Centre we were duly impressed with what had been achieved and commissioned to them to come -up with a plan to improve the sustainability of our property. After a lengthy visit and inspection, Debbie delivered a comprehensive plan that we have commenced to implement! The plan will give us a kick start to what is a large undertaking and speeds-up what would have otherwise been a very slow process. For those who want to reduce their carbon footprint and grow some of your own food, I recommend the Alternative Life Learning Centre.

      Kathi Hearne Recommends An Alternative Life Farm 9 February 2019

      Permaculture passionate couple. Clever & talented recyclers. Animal/wildlife carers. Casual & welcoming tour. Keep up the good work Deb & Kieran. Well done!

        Sowing the seeds of a sustainable future


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